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If you want to have information about this project you can do it through the comments or write to the following email address as well as if you want to know how you can support this project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You are welcome to join our informal Video chat:
Every Sunday,
0930 Hrs to 1030 Hrs, India time
at: http://meet.dussoji.com/sm
(Use Google-Chrome Browser)

हमारी बातचीत और अनुभव में जुडने के लिये

आपका स्वाग्त है
हर रविवार, सुबह ०९३० से १०३० तक (भारतिय समयानुसार)
http://meet.dussoji.com/sm पर
(गूगल क्रोम ब्राऊजंर ईसतेमाल करें)