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Roberto Verdecchia
Community “Silo – Toronto”
Toronto, Canada
4th of May 2019


Experiences with the Principles, especially No. 7

“If you pursue an end, you enchain yourself. If everything you do you realize as an end in itself, you liberate yourself.”

I don’t really understand why I’m doing so well. I can certainly write out my experience and my thinking behind it all (and that is what this document is), but I’m still not sure how all of that adds up to what I feel is going on within me now. I’m interested in trying to understand because we know that states of inspiration tend to dwindle over time, and when that eventually happens and I find myself in my daily life more like before, I would like to be able to re-read this write-up and perhaps be able to follow the path back to inspiration. That may not be possible, and who knows, perhaps I won’t lose the entire thread of this state, either. But no matter what happens, I think it’s worth trying to better understand how these kinds of changes come about.


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